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Welcome to Judgments Corner

Judgment Corner offers customized Judgement research for customers across all states in the US. Based on the customer specifications, the experienced team of online researchers identify judgements, which meet the set criteria. Our experienced online researchers does extensitve research of courthouse documents and public records. We have customers across the US and searching for judgment debtors owning real estate is our advantage. We do extensive research to meet your specific requirements enabling our customers save a lot of research time and improve the chances of finding a judgments, lead which can be enforced relatively easy. We'll be sure to research and locate only the leads that meet your specific criteria. Whether one is looking for leads that are 6 months old or 5 years old, we will provide exactly what is requested. Leads are customised leads and never resold.

As we take care of your back end research work, your teams can focus on your core competency the judgement collection. We will tailor our research to fit your needs and present the data to you in a simple Excel-compatible spreadsheet, ready for your mailings, consisting of the following data: ·

Typically, we take a week to provide customized judgment leads. The Judgment leads we provide are customised to the specific needs of the customer, so pricing vary based on the effort and skills required to research and identify these leads. Feel free to write to us at with details of your requirement for pricing and delivery schedule. We strive to provide coverage nationwide, we may find that we don’t have current coverage in the areas you need. Not to worry! We’ll be happy to recruit and expand our resources to provide such coverage for you.

Payments are accepted via Paypal. One the order is placed for specific search critera, we’ll alert you that the records are ready to be sent and send you an invoice. On the receipt of payment, we’ll promptly email you within 24 hours, an Excel-compatible spreadsheet with the data you’ve requested.


We research to meet the specific criteria for our customers. Apart part of the screen process we come across good leads but which does not specifically meet the requirement of the customer we are researching at the month. These good leads are stocked to future. We have leads that are collected by our court researchers in areas that are no longer needed by a client. These leads are then offered at an attractive discounted price to our other clients. your one-stop shop for leads !


Part of the payment to be paid in advance before commencement of work and rest on delivery of leads or completion of task. Payment is made using pay pal account. Others services we offer include